Aims and Scope

This academic journal aims to study and exchange the learning and technologies applied to the field on the field of industries related to machinery and to contribute to the promotion of science and technology by adding much to the development and spread of learning and technology related to that.

In particular, this academic journal intends to have a greater weight on the discovery and spread of technical value on the technologies applied to the field and thereby to contribute to the active publicity and development of the status of technical development in the industrial settings. While the existing registered academic journals including the Transactions of the KSME and the Journal of Korean Society for Precision Engineering had the weight on the learning and study, this academic journal has a great weight on the active discovery and publicity of production technology performed in the industrial settings. Hence, this academic journal properly manages the weight of publication of papers so that it does not lean toward one of the learning and study and production technology, and more researchers from various research institutions and businesses are participating as joint researchers than in other academic journals.